Special Needs Patients

Top Quality Dental Care for EVERY Child

Balancing the requirements of a child or adult with special needs can be very challenging.  Our staff understands the demands of special needs care and we welcome these patients and their families. Dr. Adam is specially trained in working with our special needs patients, and our office is equipped to accommodate any requirements they may have.  

We have treated hundreds of special needs patients over the past several years. It is our goal for every child and family to feel comfortable and confident in the care they are receiving.  Before your visit, we welcome you to call and ask questions about our office. Be sure to ask about our weighted blankets and noise-canceling headphones!

We understand children come in all shapes and sizes, and so does their ability to sit during a dental exam.  For those who have a harder time than others, we offer several in-office services to help them which include nitous oxide (AKA laughing gas), weighted sensory blanket, noise reduction headphones, and essential oils.  We also find our giant interactive game floor in the play area helps patients get their “wiggles” out before heading to the exam room.  See more about us to get better understanding of our office!